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Hearts and Heroes: Irvington Township’s Valentine’s Day Luncheon Lights Up Senior Spirits

On Wednesday, I was in the ‘heart’ of Irvington Township, where a special celebration warmed the hearts of seniors on a chilly Valentine’s Day.

The Honorable Mayor Tony Vauss, alongside the City Council and the Department of Health and Senior Services, hosted the annual Valentine’s Day Luncheon, transforming the Lebby C. Jones Senior Citizen Theater into a hub of joy, laughter, and community spirit.

Despite the frosty weather outside, the atmosphere inside was anything but cold.

Over 100 seniors across the township were greeted with a beautifully decorated banquet hall with catered, hearty meals and elegant table settings.

The management and staff of the health and senior services department deserve commendation for the impeccable condition of the center observed yesterday.

Council President Jamillah Beasley and council members Dr. October Hudley, Charnette Frederic, Darlene Brown, and Glen Vick all joined in, sharing warm welcomes and engaging stories, making every senior feel cherished and valued.

The event took a delightful turn with a surprise raffle, auctioning dinner dates with Irvington’s finest officers and bravest firefighters.

Even Police Director Bowser and  Irvington Township Chief of Staff  Tony Vauss Jr. joined the auction block, much to the amusement of the seniors, who eagerly participated, filling the room with laughter and anticipation.

Mayor Vauss, ensuring a light-hearted mood, humorously promised to keep an eye on the dates, sparking more laughter among the attendees.

The luncheon culminated in Mayor Vauss’s heartfelt gesture of handing out single roses and sweet treats to all attendees, symbolizing love and respect for the township’s esteemed seniors.

This Valentine’s Day, Irvington Township demonstrated the power of community and the special bond between its members.

The seniors left with not just full stomachs but full hearts, reminded of their vital role in the fabric of the township.

A truly wonderful day, it highlighted that in Irvington, every senior is loved, appreciated, and forever young at heart.


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