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Irvington Mayor Tony Vauss Announces Relief to Taxpayers Hit by Increase in Tax Bills

Irvington, NJ, July 16, 2014:  

Mayor Tony Vauss announced today that he has directed his administration to find significant ways to relieve the tax hit experienced by some property owners, particularly commercial properties, as a result of the tax increases resulting from the state ordered revaluation in the prior administration.

“Although the cause of the tax increase occurred under the previous mayor, it is my goal to do what I can in my administration to provide whatever reasonable relief is available to lessen the negative impact on taxpayers who received extraordinarily large tax bills for the third quarter.” said Mayor Vauss. “One of the first steps was the passage of the resolution by City Council on July 15th that extends the grace period for tax payers from August 10th to September 10th, for the payment of their third quarter taxes without penalty or interest.”

Under the prior administration, a state-mandated revaluation of the Township properties resulted in a large reduction in most residential property values, although commercial values remained steady or increased.  This action required the Smith administration to increase the property taxes and some residents, particularly commercial property owners, received significant tax increases in the third quarter. Taxpayers were notified of the opportunity to appeal their property’s tax value by May 1st and some who did are awaiting the final ruling. There will be another opportunity to appeal the property tax value in January, 2015.

“Although my administration did not create the problem, we are diligently working to assist our taxpayers to absorb the shock,” said Mayor Vauss. “In addition to the grace period for paying this quarter’s tax bill, we will be seeking assistance from the State for whatever help they can provide to our people.”

For more information, please contact the Township’s Business Administrator’s Office at (973) 399-6682.


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