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Irvington Mayor Tony Vauss Begins Clean and Lien Initiative

Irvington Mayor Tony Vauss announced the Township’s “Clean and Lien” Initiative. This project supports the Mayor’s commitment to make the Township clean and safe.

From the beginning of his tenure as mayor, Tony Vauss has placed an emphasis on making Irvington clean and safe. He has tasked Jamel Holley, director of the Township’s Department of Public Works, to send out workers to clean up trash and debris in lots, abandoned properties, and public areas. The results have been visible immediately and residents have remarked at Council meetings and on social media, how pleased they are to see the improvement.

The Clean and Lien initiative goes even further. Now, the Township will locate the owners of the properties that have been allowed to be overgrown and become dumping grounds. They will notify them that they must clean up the property within a certain period of time. If the property is not cleaned, the town will clean it up and place a lien against the property and the owner.

“We mean business, “said Mayor Vauss. “The days of using the Town as a dump and having no pride in its cleanliness, are over. Cleaning up the city and the properties are the responsibility of property owners and all of us. If your property is not presentable, you will be given notice to clean it up. If you don’t, then we will issue a summons against the property owner, take them to court, place a lien against their property. In other words, we will use all of the legal means available to us to clean up our town and hold people accountable.”

“We have been working from day one of the Mayor’s administration, to clean up the Town. There is more to be done, but we feel good when residents and businesses owners tell us to ‘keep up the good work’”, said Director Holley. “This is just the beginning.”

For information please call: Director Jamel Holley, Director of DPW, 973-399-6693.


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