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Irvington Mayor Tony Vauss Goes to Washington

Irvington Mayor Tony Vauss and Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo have formed a partnership for the good of the Township and the County.

“The County Executive and I have had several meetings during my tenure as mayor,” said Mayor Vauss. “All have resulted in a commitment by the Executive to do what he can to help me meet the goals of my administration and improve the quality of life of the residents and businesses in Irvington.”

On September 17, 2014, the directors of the Township departments met with their County counterparts to discuss some of the needs and goals of the Township and to find out how the County could help meet these goals. Dr. Stephanie Bush-Baskette, director of the Township’s Health Department and Aide to Mayor Vauss was one of the participants in the meeting. “The working session we had at the County was extremely productive. One example of how successful it was is that now that I am responsible for Irvington’s Senior Services Division, meeting the officials at the County level who are responsible for senior services and transportation, allowed me to share my concerns, gather information about resources, and get help in acquiring a bus for our seniors,” said Dr. Bush-Baskette. “This is a very important and worthwhile partnership.”

“My administration will continue to work collaboratively with our county, state, and federal representatives and agencies. I could not attend the meeting at the County because I was in Washington, DC meeting with our federal representatives,” said the Mayor. “We are covering all bases to make Irvington strong.”

For information please call: Stephanie R. Bush-Baskette, Aide to the Mayor, 862-763-1708.


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