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Irvington Mayor Tony Vauss Launches Quality of Life Taskforce

Irvington, NJ, July 22, 2014:  

Mayor Tony Vauss of Irvington announced the launch of Mayor Vauss’s Quality of Life Taskforce.  Mayor Vauss’s Quality of Life Taskforce serves as a specialized unit within the Department of Public Works dedicated to litter collection and maintenance projects in support of the Department’s mission to provide a clean, well maintained environment. This unit will clean abandoned properties, curbs, sidewalks, Township-owned parking lots, parks, and streets of litter/debris. The team will also be responsible for the replacement and/or repair of trash receptacles.

Mayor Vauss’s Quality of Life Taskforce will operate on a staggered schedule to ensure adequate coverage on weekends, and the days and evening on which special events such as parades, festivals, sidewalk sales, etc., occur throughout the Township.

Elements of this project will also be inclusive of the “Keep Irvington Beautiful” campaign from the Clean Communities Initiative program. “Keep Irvington Beautiful,” a legally chartered entity of the national “Keep America Beautiful” organization, is designed to place an emphasis on educating the business and residential communities of the importance of keeping our surroundings clean. It will allow us to implement several education and activity-based programs to encourage involvement from local businesses and residents, including “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” and “Blow the Whistle on Illegal Dumping” campaigns, creation of community gardens, and a graffiti abatement program.

In addition to the positive impacts in all residential neighborhoods, operation of Mayor Vauss’s Quality of Life Taskforce unit will stimulate economic activity within the Township through the generation of increased consumer traffic and new business investments in a cleaner and better maintained area. It will also result in business expansion and attraction of new businesses, and employment opportunities for residents arising out of a cleaner and better community. Business Sectors that will benefit from this project include all retail, industrial and professional services companies that serve the consumers of the Township. An increase in tax ratables can be anticipated as the result of continuous cleanliness and the creation of a clean business community where residents, business owners, and investors feel better about working, living, shopping and conducting business in the Township.

Mayor Vauss’s Quality of Life Taskforce offers an increase in the level of sanitation and maintenance services that will be a standard above the basic services presently provided by the Township workforce. The Department of Public Works, through the implementation of other quality of life initiatives, will remove the impression of blight caused by litter and poorly maintained buildings. Mayor Vauss’s Quality of Life Taskforce project will continue to galvanize the business, residential and educational sectors of the community to partner with the Township in creating a more aesthetically pleasing environment that will serve as a catalyst for an enhanced quality of life for residents, business attraction and retention, and the potential creation of employment opportunities.

For additional information please contact: Director Jamel Holley of Public Works,  or 973-399-6694.


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