Township of Irvington New Jersey

Main Phone: 973-399-8111
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Welcome to Irvington Township

Dear Friends and Residents:

Welcome to the new Township of Irvington’s website. I am pleased to be able to use the website to share with you the municipal programs, events, and activities in the Township, as well as to get feedback and ideas about what can be improved in the Township of Irvington.

The Tony Vauss administration is focused on making Irvington a cleaner and safer place to live, raise a family, play, work and grow a business. To do this, we need everyone’s commitment and energy. The members of my cabinet and staff are tasked with making sure their departments work collaboratively to meet our goals and to provide a customer friendly environment. It is my commitment to all of you, that your concerns will be listened and responded to in a prompt and professional manner.

The launching of this new website is one of many ways we are making sure you are a part of the Irvington Strong movement. I intend to develop a strong partnership between government and residents, citizens, businesses, and visitors, to make Irvington the town we know it can and will be as we work together.

Once again, welcome to our site. Make this the first of many visits. Let us know what you think and how we can work together to make Irvington strong again.

Sincerely, Tony Vauss