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Mayor Tony Vauss Biography

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Mayor Tony Vauss is a remarkable leader who has dedicated his life to serving the Township of Irvington, New Jersey. With his unwavering commitment and passion for his community, Mayor Vauss has brought about positive change and has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of its residents.

Born and raised in Irvington, Mayor Vauss has an intimate understanding of the challenges and opportunities that the township faces. He possesses a deep love for his hometown, and his determination to make it a better place for all its inhabitants is truly inspiring.

Under Mayor Vauss’ visionary leadership, Irvington has experienced significant growth and development. He has spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at revitalizing the town, attracting new businesses, and creating job opportunities for its residents. His strategic approach has not only boosted the local economy but has also enhanced the overall quality of life in Irvington.

Mayor Vauss is known for his exceptional ability to bring people together and foster a sense of unity within the community. He prioritizes open communication and actively listens to the concerns and ideas of his constituents, ensuring that their voices are heard and their needs are met. His inclusive and collaborative style of governance has fostered a strong sense of community pride and engagement.

Education is a top priority for Mayor Vauss. He recognizes the importance of providing quality education to the youth of Irvington and has championed various educational programs and initiatives. Mayor Vauss firmly believes that investing in the future generations will create a brighter and more prosperous Irvington.

In addition to his role as mayor, Tony Vauss is actively involved in numerous charitable organizations and community service projects. His philanthropic efforts have made a significant impact on the lives of many residents, particularly those in need. Mayor Vauss is truly a compassionate and generous leader who goes above and beyond to uplift and support his community.

Through his exceptional leadership, Mayor Tony Vauss has transformed Irvington into a thriving township that residents are proud to call home. His dedication, creativity, and friendly demeanor have made him a beloved figure in the community. Mayor Vauss continues to inspire and empower others, leaving an indelible mark on the Township of Irvington that will be remembered for generations to come.

Mayor Tony Vauss Contributions

Tony Vauss, previously Assistant to the Director in the Township’s Department of Neighborhood Services, was elected Mayor on May 13th, 2014. His campaign focused on attracting new businesses to boost the Township’s revenue and profile. Vauss started his political journey as a volunteer in 2004, founding the Tony Vauss Civic Association which organized community activities like basketball, programs for seniors and children, and meals for the needy. In April 2006, he ran for the Irvington Board of Education and became a district leader in June 2006. Influenced by leaders like D. Bilal Beasley and Councilwoman Lebby Jones, Vauss has been pivotal in various campaigns at state, county, and local levels

Tony recently completed his third term on the Irvington Board of Education, serving as a Member, Vice President, and President. Known for his dedication to the community, he is part of the Martin Luther King Heritage Committee, Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, and the NAACP. A committed resident of Irvington and Essex County, Tony has received accolades for his community contributions, including awards from the Irvington Board of Education, a proclamation for community service, resolutions from the New Jersey General Assembly and the Essex County Board of Freeholders, and recognition from local churches and clergy.

Tony Vauss contributed to Irvington students’ dreams by upgrading Irvington High School’s track and field with a $2.5 million surplus reserve. In 2014, all Irvington schools, except Augusta Pre School Academy, had active Honor Societies and Student Councils. His educational background includes Irvington Public Schools, a certificate in Business Management from Berkeley Career School, and ongoing studies in Business Management at the University of Phoenix.

Vauss hosts numerous events with radio personalities, celebrities, and sports figures, demonstrating his commitment to Irvington’s community. He has mentored and inspired local officials and leaders, embodying servant leadership. One of his guiding principles, as taught by mentor D. Bilal Beasley, is, “A boss tells you what to do, but a leader shows you how!” Vauss stands as a leader and champion for Irvington, ready to address key issues facing its residents.