Township of Irvington New Jersey

Main Phone: 973-399-8111
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Municipal Court

Dolly Johnson, B.A.C-BM, ADCJ, CTA, CP, CCM

Municipal Court Director

Public Safety Building
1 Civic Square Irvington, New Jersey 07111
Main: 973-399-6633
Court Fax: 973-399-6746
Deshanaye Alexander, Court Administrator
Main: 973-399-6678

Important information about your court case

The Municipal Court of Irvington is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm to answer questions and to schedule matters for court. To minimize exposure to COVID-19 and enforce social distancing measures, the municipal court session for your pending matter in this court may be held via a video or telephone hearing.  Note:  Payments can only be made via or by mail (check or money order only). No phone payments will be accepted.

 Remote Court Session

 At this time court matters will be scheduled by a virtual hearing or by telephone. Please contact the court at 973-399-6228, 6674 or 5634 or by email at to receive information about the virtual hearing and instructions on how to participate. To better understand your rights in this matter, please visit the New Jersey Judiciary’s website at and click on the links to the Model Municipal Court Opening Statement videos.

Representation by an Attorney

You may obtain a private attorney, decide to represent yourself or, if you qualify, apply for the services of a Municipal Public Defender.  If you chose to obtain a private attorney, please advise the Municipal Court of your attorney’s name/address/telephone and email address.  If you would like to apply for a Public Defender, please contact the court via phone or email at the above address.

Options to Help Address your Matter(s) Prior to the Hearing

Plea-by-Mail – Your matter may be eligible to be resolved through completion of a Plea-by-Mail form.  If you choose to complete this form and submit it to the court, you will not need to appear at the above scheduled remote court session.  Note that if the court determines your appearance is still required, the court will send you a follow-up notice.  You may download a fillable version of the Plea-by-Mailform by visiting (select section for Municipal Court).  A separate form must be completed for each charge.

Negotiate Plea Agreement – If you or your attorney would like to negotiate a plea agreement, you must contact the Municipal Prosecutor,  via phone at Procecutor (973) 399-6636, 6637- Leave a message and the prosecutor will be in touch within 24 hours or email at  Please indicate in the email’s subject line “ Irvington Municipal Court Matter – Plea Agreement Request”.  Include in your email the following:  your full name, the complaint/ticket number, and the offense(s) for which you were charged.  Your matter will be reviewed by the municipal prosecutor, who will respond back by email.  Be advised that you will still be required to appear at the above scheduled court session.

For all questions, please contact the court at the above telephone number or address.