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3-13-2017 Winter Storm Advisory from the Township of Irvington

Dear Irvington Residents and Business Owners

This is a Winter Storm Advisory from the Township of Irvington.

Please be advised that several reports anticipate that Winter Storm Stella could potentially dump up to 18 inches of snow, with winds up to 40 mph in our area. As such, we anticipate a Blizzard Warning for our area from 12:00am on Tuesday through 12:00am on Wednesday.

The Department of Public Works will have up to 24 pieces of equipment, such as plows and salt trucks traveling through the Township to clear roads. Public Works will begin salting the roadways at 12:00am on Tuesday. Snow plowing will begin once there is 2 to 3 inches of snow accumulation on the ground. Please abide by the guidelines below to assist the Township in achieving a swift clean-up:

  1. Travel conditions will be dangerous and residents are urged toremain indoors, unless travel is absolutely necessary. Drivers often get stranded in storms of this magnitude. Blocked roads delay or stop plowing. Please help us by staying off the roads. Also, please remove your vehicles from the street. Use your driveway, ask your neighbor if you can share their driveway or use the nearest municipal lot, as parking will be free until 9:00am Thursday;
  2. Please contact PSE&G at 800-736-7344 to report loss of power. Any emergencies such as medical, safety and/or fire, please contact 911;
  3. Town Hall will be open at 9:00am. Please use the following phone numbers:
    1. General Information: 973-399-8111;
    2. Warming Stations: 973-399-6682; and
    3. Emergency Heat Hotline: 973-399-6666.
  4. Garbage Pick-up for Tuesday, March 14, 2017 is SUSPENDED;
  5. Please remember the following:
    1. DO NOT DEPOSIT SNOW IN THE STREET OR FIRE HYDRANT. This delays Public Safety’s ability to fight fires, it makes the roadways more dangerous and it requires more plowing. Please deposit snow along the curb;
    2. Please shovel your sidewalk within 24 hours following the end of the storm;
    3. Contact 911 in the case of a medical, safety or fire related emergency; and
    4. Heat related concerns, please call 973-399-6666.

You can get updates to this snowstorm by visiting Mayor Tony Vauss’ page on Facebook, you can also visit or turn to TV Channel 34 on Comcast or TV Channel 35 on Verizon for more information on the storm as updates will be posted there.

If you have a concern that cannot be addressed by any Township department, please contact the Business Administrator at 862-400-1117.

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